Why it is still showing pending payout?

But it’s already 11th of June, still the same… is this long time delays as normal?

I as I understand it, there are two possible explanation. The first one is that you have verified your account in May, so it won’t meet a criteria for payout given month. The second one is that your account has been suspended and you need to write at suspensions@brave.com.

I have verified my uphold account in Apr. And why i am suspended!? I do nothing wrong. These looks like just nothing more than fraud…

I am sorry, I can’t help you with that. All the information are from this thread: Payement reported to july ? Why?

Hi @Mungunbayar,

Have you reached out directly to support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org? If so, what is your Zendesk request number? Thank you.

There is also a small subset of users who did not get paid out this month. We are working on a secondary payout for these publishers.


I still did’t get paid this month. Should i wait?

Sure – you may have been in the set of publishers who were hit by the wallet address bug :slight_smile: The secondary payout should be done late this week, or early next week.


Yeah made call appointment

When then? Still pending

Thanks for the info. I also haven’t received the payout payment yet expecting to get it soon. Thanks again.

Dear Asad,

Again you have promised time and did not act it. Would you please say peoples the exact time of the secondary payout. All the peoples here are waiting, counting and planning on your speech.
You know your staff, the number of tickets, etc. so if you are going to say 2 business days max, you have calculated all the subjects and all peoples here expect you acting your promises. you are making peoples frustrated to BRAVE project/team.

It’s not good for none of us.
Hope you understand

Hi there @o8226302 - I will check on the exact status. Giving an exact timing is difficult. Payouts are a large, complex operation and if there are any problems then things often get pushed forward. Where did you hear 2 business days max?

That was an example. but you have said, “The secondary payout should be done late this week, or early next week.”
this time also past and you did nothing yet,

Dear Asad,
You are doing payouts for more than 1 year so you know every aspect of complexity, etc. So when you say a time you should do. all the publishers have the right to get their money 8th of the month. So if you made a mistake I think it’s better to apologize and make the payouts high priority and do it ASAP. not don’t care about this case and publishers a lot, don’t do your promises and pushing forward and forward.

I have loved the Brave project/team. but you are really making publishers frustrated and as I said it’s bad for all of us, special you.

Hope you understand and doing something today.


Hi there! Let me explain a bit more.

Payouts are an incredibly complex and labor-intensive process. We do an extensive anti-fraud review and the actual payouts themselves take time (the transactions aren’t instant). We are going through some major internal process changes at the time and much of the team responsible for payout is also focusing on global improvements to the system, so they can only dedicate so much extra time. We are a tiny company undergoing massive growth.

The 8th should not be seen as a guaranteed payout time for anyone. It may take anywhere from 2-5 days for the payout to be completed. If anyone on the team has made promises about when payouts will happen, please let me know as that should not be happening.

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Well it’s the 20th and still no pay out

I have seen you started secondary payout and some peoples received their payouts at 20 JUNE.
But still, I do not receive my earned BATs.

Are secondary payouts done???

Secondary payouts are indeed done now – if you didn’t get paid yet then you probably didn’t complete verification by June 1st (this is the most common reason)

Hi Asad :slightly_smiling_face:
First I wish to say how much I like Brave and how I appreciate the fastest response I always got.
Said this I would like to point the attention on what you wrote…
So, if “Payouts are an incredibly complex and labor-intensive process” and “We do an extensive anti-fraud review …” it sounds like… .BRAVE project in on the deadline because “we” can not face all those problems AND “we” don’t have any clue or the instruments on how solve or face them all…

Or there something I misunderstood about ?

Best regards and I hope that the whole Brave team will soon reach the solution of all the problems that have not yet allowed that Brave rewards to be available for anyone in the world

Hi there, I am not really sure what you mean to be honest! Can you explain more?

In regards to payouts, we can certainly “face” these problems – but it takes time. Brave Rewards is an alpha product – we cannot output at the same level as a mature dApp, and we’re a small team, too.