Why isn't my Youtube account confirmed?

I already week ago are registered here is here https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org but my Youtube account is still not verified and no one can send me BAT tokens, why? what is the reason?

Hi @Kriptonec,
It requires 24-48 hours for your Brave sync the latest publishers list. It maybe because your list is not updated so it’s not show your verified status correctly.

Actually, once you finished add your channel, then it’s verified. Other users should be able to see the status correctly.


what should I add or update?)

@Kriptonec as eljuno said its requires times for sync.also as my understanding you need to refresh the page serveral times.if its posible give me your referral link to checking

NO i meant your youtube refral link @jpjordan

its works perfectly ok
go in video part and refresh the page and button the triangle several time it will works 100%

Yes indeed works, it is needed in the video to go) Thank you very much for helping, health and happiness to you)

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your welcome :heart_eyes:

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