Why does Firefox have mobile extensions but brave doesn't?


Firefox has mobile extensions, I have the app and installed the extensions myself on my phone.
People claim no mobile browsers has extention capabilities.
However they are wrong. Firefox does have working extentions.
Given the misinformation people gave, whats the truth? Why doesn’t brave have extensions? If Firefox accomplished mobile extensions, why does brave community claim its a hard arduous task?

People don’t claim this in general. Safari on iOS has done for year, then there’s been Kiwi for Android. Then also was Mask Browser, Mises Browser, Banana Browser, etc. Not sure why you’re going out of your way to kind of strawman this.

Again, this is pulling away from the argument and a bit of a logical fallacy. Should skip this part.

Privacy and security have been the primary reasons. Of course, of equal import is the idea that Brave is a newer company and has higher priorities. Brave is working on just adding features directly into the browser rather than have anyone needing to use 3rd party apps which can steal your info or cause all sorts of issues with performance or web compatibility.

The way some browsers, like Kiwi, were doing it had been by building it out on older versions of Chromium. They had to put a lot of resources to try to keep it compatible but had a lot of security risks in the way it was being handled.

I’m not sure if they really have said it’s arduous but they have said that they don’t want to dedicate the overhead to it. They also have been trying to look into alternatives as the world keeps changing. For example, there were talks of how something like DApps might replace traditional extensions.

Do keep in mind Brave is open source and people can build out from it. So if you’d like to think it’s easy, you can feel free to work on a version that might work. But you might be shocked what you learn.