Extension support for Brave in android

As well as I know brave is best for everything, but the problem for me is I need to install my favorite extension In android… in brave, I am able to install even it was license by Mozilla, Firefox has the ability to install extension but compare to that why brave is not supporting extension for android, Or I don’t know how to install If anyone is there please help me with this issue, also in desktop while I browser I am able to use to in private mode but not in Android why so many good features are not giving to Android,

they should really add extension support, Kiwi browser (and others) already support extensions for years now, and it’s open source so it shouldn’t be hard to copy what they have done.

yes, Even thought I don’t know why they are supporting in Desktop it was good to support but in android also we needed it, hard to work without some extensions, why they did not able to use this in android mobile ?