Why didn't I receive my September rewards?

It says, "Congrats! Your September rewards have arrived! " but my “Token Balance” still says 0.000 BAT.

I was to receive 5 BAT this time, but I didn’t get any. I was previously logged in with Uphold until recently when it stopped working. Today, when I saw the message that my BAT had arrived and there was nothing in my balance, I logged out of my Uphold account from Brave Rewards and restarted my browser, but it still shows 0.000 BAT. I also checked my Uphold account and there’s nothing.

What am I missing here?

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I am also facing same issue, i was supposed to receive 25+ bats on many profiles on both pc, and mobile , i recieved 0 and it shows payment has arrived , please help @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana

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Hi Guys

If you were connected to Uphold, please wait a few more days. Uphold payments are not yet complete.

If you were not connected and your browser says “unverified”, then you should get a “Claim” button when your payments get through. Please note that payments to unverified wallets are not complete yet.
If you get the “Congrats” message and you do not get a Claim button, then please open a support ticket using the link below.

You can follow the status of payments in this post

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For unverified, logged out of gemini or uphold , nowhere payout has received, only on brave beta and nightly unverified and brave stable unverified on my brothers mobile payout is received. This is wrong. Please help

Your case number for the ticket is 158262

Same for me, I have 3 browsers, but the same in all browsers. I am not getting the claim button.

As @rodrige already mentioned, please wait for some time, payments might go through. If you want you raise a ticket here.Although I’ll suggest you wait till all payments have processed.

I use Brave on my PC, and there I have two profiles. The one where I had never connected Uphold or anything showed the “Claim” button, but the profile where I had previously connected my Uphold account and signed out today is still not showing a claim button.

As far as I know, Uphold accounts don’t get a claim button. Since you say you disconnected today, Brave must have paid to Uphold instead of your unverified wallet since the Payment id is sent to them in the first week of each month itself. Therefore, check if you’ve received it in Uphold

I used to receive my BATs in my Uphold account until recently Uphold stopped supporting my region.

I’ve checked my Uphold wallet but there’s nothing.

Raise a ticket, maybe. Raise one here

I have the same issue. Was supposed to get +31.258 BAT and it never showed up in my Verified Uphold account. According to the update Uphold payouts are ‘Complete’.

I already sent in a ticket. Lets see how this goes.

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same here, good luck.


Same I was to receive 9.003 bat in my verified uphold account but hadn’t received any this month @steeven @SaltyBanana @Mattches . Please take a look at this…

Wallet payment id :

Device : Android

email id associated :

i have 4 browsers. i have received from 2 or 3. impossible to know. but not my main on my desktop. this is the first time it’s taking this long

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Pues somos varios que estamos en la misma situacion. Pienso que esto tendrian que arreglarlo de una vez por todas porque este problema se viene repitiendo hace muchos meses.

May be your profie has been flagged by the system.

They said, “Any missed payments will roll over into the next payment period.”

That’s correct. The only thing is, that if it says that it’s processed at Brave’s end then they would not roll over. But since they say it should roll over then it should in your case.

I guess now it’s lost. Brave says, “Your +7.45 BAT October rewards will arrive in 7 days” but what about my September rewards? I had 5.xx BATs earned in September.