Was installing Brave VPN necessary without user consent and that too when that user isn't using it or has subscribed to its usage?

Was installing Brave VPN necessary without user consent and that too when that user isn’t using it or has subscribed to its usage?

I use all brave browser builds on windows.

I hope installing brave VPN should be asked on the first installing when setting-up the device or when user is opening brave first time after device restart or reboot. This secret installing is kinda bad to the image I have of brave.

And dont recommend remove option for now, give us uninstall so that if I want to use it, I will go to brave settings or small button on menu bar to use it.

Plus a free daily limit plan would be great to begin with to entice users.

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They realized the mistake. It’s being worked on…

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All of us know that Brave doesn’t care about privacy nor security at this point.
I was reading elsewhere the potential of code hijacking blah, blah blah.
IF and when they fix this issue, their (former) rise in install and use may or may not fall off a cliff. I still hate Google Chrome though.
When a new Brave version comes out without the VPN, I will purge my machine of everything Brave manually, for a clean install.
Windows has an app named Autoruns for Windows at
sysinternals.com that I found. The Brave VPN and Brave Wireguard are listed when a scan is run. When those are deleted, they come back hours later, even when the machine is off.
I’m going to be monitoring Brave to observe when the offending Brave services are not installed any more.

Not defending brave actions on this but edge and chrome are same. See edge webview2 runtime and Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool. Both run in background despite closing them and are installed unknowingly. Also all of them are chromium based so another unfortunate to speak of. You simply CANNOT disable or suspend updates of browser. If I had this option under my control, I would have not seen brave vpn installed. You close browser, you open browser, updates installed quietly as if user is nothing. On android, i have some control if I dont install apps from play store or disable auto update but then chromium on windows and linux. I told brave team some years ago like in 2018 to allow us to install updates when user wants or has given approval but nothing has been updated to me and they still follow everything of chrome and chromium from installer or updates to their own bugs. After VPN install, the device spiked in usage and acted weirdly due to limited usage. Anyways, I am hoping one out of them to resolve theirs. Plus the icon of brave VPN is so sneaky that one would not see it until seen clearly. Shows how it all started without user consent and would go on if news outlets and users didnt reported it. Now I want to abuse all as I do to edge and chrome.

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