VPN + Firewall Critical insecurities

Am a representative of the Extradimentional, Am a novice Chemist. Am transgender rights activist. There are too many who seek to harm us. We’ve been attacked on multiple occasions already. And am actively under investigation.

Any time we connect to a government run ISP network, our digital systems are immediately probed, and invaded.

Just subscribed to Brave Premium to assist in keeping our location private, so we can avoid any future physical home invasions, or assaults. Unfortunately the Firewall + VPN is not able to protect us on Windows 10 / PC.

Any time our screen times out, or laptop sleeps…, The VPN disconnects, and happily allows the ISP to re-confirm our location.

Please rectify? Yous creators who built this incredibly secure little digital kingdom.

We have identified a critical flaw in the privacy system. Hopefully yous can hear us…,

Appreciation. <3

Thank you for reaching out to us.

So the intended behavior here is for the VPN to stay connected and/or reconnect immediately once the PC is reopened/wakes up/etc. Testing on my end, on both macOS and Windows 10 systems, I see that my connection stays active after returning from being idle.

I will be opening an issue for this so that the team can take a closer look and ensure the product is working as intended.

In the meantime, you might try our new Wireguard implementation of the VPN as I believe it works more directly with the system. To do this, launch Brave and go to brave://flags and search for a flag called #brave-vpn-wireguard. Set it to Enabled and relaunch the browser when prompted.

Now try connecting to the VPN, using it normally and pay attention to the connection when you return after putting the computer to sleep/idle/etc and check to see if the service reconnected itself or if you need to do it manually as you were doing before.

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