Why Brave Ads are not relevant to my browsing style?

I recently switched to Brave Browser and amazed with its performance than I came to know about Brave rewards , I started using it and turned brave ads on and set settings to 5 ads/hour, as mentioned in your support site ,its a ceiling not floor , so I was okay with it, but then I found out that brave gives me ads relevant to my browsing style but the ads I am getting are crypto related which I really don’t browse so how that ads are matching with my browsing style?

Why I get 3-4 ads per hour but after some time I dont get ads for hours ? What is ad catalog and how I can check one ( there are too many v1 v2 v3 v4…).? On what basis brave decide when to give ads , are they random ? If brave ensures that ads will be relevant to you so why no ads of my relevance, I am using latest version of Brave and live in India and I will permanently switch to brave if I get to know answers of above questions .



Feel free not to spam the boards with dupe posts…

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Sorry for that , I am new this community and still my queries are not satisfied, I will keep in mind not to spam

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