Why Arriving BATs are lesser than earned BATs?

I have a quick question. I earned approximately 3 above BATs from my desktop brave browser in the month of August. Today, it’s September 1st and I see that the arriving BATs is +2.754. I would like to know why the remaining decimal BATs are not showing?

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Same happened to me, lost some BATs.

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Your Current earnings this month (estimated) will increase in some time to show leftover BATs from previous month. Time will vary from user to user. Do post an update when that happens.


yes, the same happens to me every month.
Last time official gave me the lost bat but I can’t just make post every month for this issue.

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I believe you won’t have to this time. Just wait and your estimated earning this month will show the missing amount in some time.

Ok. I will update this post if the missing amount is credited back.

The remaining 0.3 BAT is credited back for the current month’s cycle. I can see this on the Brave rewards dashboard.



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My issue is fixed today. I have posted the screenshot above.

Hi everyone. It’s a new month (September 1st). Therefore, your counters will reset for the new month. You should see a countdown in the UI appear shortly.

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