White Screen on a Certain website

Description of the issue:
I made an application and just recently noticed that it is not working on mobile brave browser. To further explain, when I open my application: https://soma-chill.vercel.app on mobile brave browser it only opens a white screen. But when I open the application on a private browser it opens normally. And when I used google app browser to open the application it opens and function normally. I have not tried it on any other browser aside google though.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. When I open https://soma-chill.vercel.app, the screen is just white.

Expected result:
There should be a display on what the web application looks like.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.56.16, Chromium 115.0.579*.***

Mobile Device details
Galaxy A31 / SM-A315G/DS

I tested on my Samsung Fold 3, the page seems to load here. Is it still happening?

Have you changed any settings regarding hardware acceleration? Does it display fine with Brave Beta (via play store)

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Hi, thanks for replying to this thread. But I have yet to resolve the issue but it seems to be a production problem on my web app’s side (my side) not a browser. I forgot I posted an issue here trying to use different methods to resolve the issue. I temporarily resolved this on my side using “clearing cache method”. This problem occurs when you stream an episode of anime and let it sit on your browser. Since I figured out that this is a production problem, this should be a case closed. Thanks again!

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