White page on Mac OSX 10.11.6


happens that Brave shows a white page instead of the website. It happens a lot, with different websites (Linkedin, Facebook, news online and more…).

My system is a Mac OSX 10.11.6


Hi Matt,

Welcome to community, and thanks for your post! I can help to troubleshoot here. Would you mind sending me a full screenshot of the white page?


Hi steeven,

thank you for writing me back.
Here is a screenshot.


Hi @matteobi,

Thanks for providing these screenshots! A few additional questions as we dig a bit deeper.

-Do the sites work with shields down?

  • Do they work in Chrome?
    -What Brave version and channel (Release / Beta / Dev / Nightly) are you running?

Thanks in advance!

Hi steeven,

  • with shields down I don’t know. Without shields I have no reason to use Brave. I will try.
  • Yes, all these websites work fine with Chrome.
  • Version 0.66.99 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit)

Thank you

Same issue. Page appears to be loading, then white… happens blockers on or off.

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