Which countries are available?

@GuardianTeam I didn’t make a list during my trial and it’s otherwise not accessible. I have recently seen a topic created over on Reddit asking about which countries are supported. https://www.reddit.com/r/brave_browser/comments/141dyho/which_country_does_brave_vpn_support/

I’m assuming they are asking which countries you have VPN servers/nodes (or whatever appropriate terminology is). So would ask if you have a list or chart that can be seen anywhere that would let people see which countries have available servers?

But then also would ask a secondary question. Are there any countries that wouldn’t be able to use Brave VPN for any reason?


This list is not always perfectly up to date but I try to stay on top of it https://guardianapp.com/firewall/locations/

We can see if we can get this onto the Brave VPN public website as well.


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