Where to request Unlink from Uphold account?


I have hit device limit but not using 4 separate device, it happens due to re-installation of brave browser. I am only using 1 device. I have seen a thread to request unlink from uphold, but I am not sure where I have to send email. So i request you to share email where i can request unlink

Here are some screenshots to help.

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Ok. I done now. But I don’t have custodian wallet ID as i am unable to link device due to limit.

Where can i find Uphold member ID ?

That info is in the screenshots. Look at both of them.
Edit: Sorry. Uphold member id can be found in settings-profile on uphold.

not available, checked all settings-profile tabs

It is not available but got it in mobile version. In mobile used Chrome, desktop brave…

Anyway thanks for help

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No update 7 days passed!

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