Where is my June bat rewards

Hi…My Bat June rewards didnt add to my brave browser wallet in July.Where is my bat rewards?I had 15 bats more in June but didnt add in July.We are in July 17 still I havent seen my 15 or more bat rewards in my brave wallet…still waiting but no…Please solve my problem and add my bat rewards

I have not received too.

what we can do? where are our Bat tokens from June to July…?Please solve this problem brave support and community…What happened my 15 or more Bat tokens and where??

Brave Rewards does not pay out to Brave Wallet. So if that’s where you’re looking, then you’re checking the wrong place.

Are you Verified with Uphold or Gemini? Or are you Unverified? If you are unverified, then you should have been given a Claim button in your Brave Rewards menu and then the BAT would be stored in your browser. If you ever Verified with Uphold or Gemini, then your BAT should be there now.

To get any help, you’ll need to submit a Support Ticket so someone from Brave can assist you.

My Bats lost in main page from June to July… 15 or more Bats lost.My uphold verified and there is no bats there too…I am looking Brave Rewards menu or any button for take my Bats but I dont see anything to give back my Bats.I will write support again.Thanks

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Yeah, just make sure you do it here via the link I did above. It’s not Uphold you need to contact but will be Brave who will look and try to help.

If verified with them, then it should have sent.

But yeah, in any case, it will be those from Brave who can look at things from their side who can handle it. All the things anyone here can help with is just User side errors and random guesses. Hopefully Brave can figure it out and get back to you fairly quick.

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