Where can I find the last working version of Brave



Description of the issue:
Updated Fedora last night because of the kernel bug reported. Saw new Brave, so of course took it too, since every previous new version has been an improvement. WRONG.

I’m on Fedora 27, no plan to migrate in the near future because I don’t have the time to fix all the things the Mad Hatters break every time. So now I have a non-removable banner at the top of the screen and on the new tab. From looking at the support forums, guess I’m the lucky one, had I been running F28 I’d have a “new and improved” UI that is broke, loses everyone’s bookmarks and everyone apparently hates.

And of course “dnf downgrade brave” can’t find any previous version. Where can I find the last working version? Plan to hunker down and see how this all shakes out. Smells like Firefox level stupid going on and I want nothing to do with it.


Hi, please note, the current version is 0.57.18. As long as there is not at least 1 as the first number, the browser is not finished yet (please correct me somebody, should I be wrong).


I run linux. 921 of 5133 currently installed packages have a leading zero on the version number. Nobody ever wants to declare a 1.0 anymore, even projects that are a decade or more old. Not that it matters, been a quarter century at this Internet thing now and have yet to see a browser actually worthy of the 1.0 designator. Point is the previous version worked “good enough” and didn’t eat a chunk of valuable vertical space constantly reminding me to perform a upgrade I can’t actually install and probably do not want.

Removing all previous versions from the repository is unconscionable behavior on the part of the Brave Devels. It makes the only choice when a bad version is released to switch browsers. So I have Seamonkey running today, migrating passwords, etc. and unless they change this policy Brave can not be considered a primary browser, only a toy. If their policy is to consider the product inherently unstable / prerelease and unsuited for daily use, then it will be good to get a clear statement on that point, to know I was using it wrong and can stop doing that.


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