Whenever I switch to dark theme the menu options disappear and instead of displaying bookmarks, history, downloads, settings.. etc a blank white area appears when I tap the three dots option

Can you please add device details and the version you are running. Just screenshot doesn’t help much in terms of troubleshooting

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Huawei nova 3i and the version I am using is below

the problem hasn’t been solved yet

Someone else mentioned this here and as you can see by the screenshot in their first post they are also using the dark theme. I’ve always used the dark theme and never encountered this issue, so it must be exclusive to older versions of Android. Are you perhaps also running Android 5.x like that other person was?

thank you for your reply but I am using android 9 and the problem happens only when I use dark theme

Seems like only Huawei phones is affected by this problem. I also have this issue…
Huawei P (NotSo)Smart, Android version 9.

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Same problem on Honor 9 Lite running Android 9, menu items are not visible when I’m using dark theme.

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