When will Brave get it's own User Agent?

I do know a few people have asked this already but it’s been at least 1 year and we are not getting a clear answer for this question. Does brave have its own UA now or still doesn’t have its own UA? I think it’s high time, brave needs its own User-Agent and new users will look at Brave more like a chrome clone as it doesn’t even have its own User-Agent. It would also help make Brave’s market share visible to really see the growth state of the browser. It will help in so many ways!

I really hope to get an answer from the support/staff, I see similar questions being ignored (not being responded), please let me know.

I don’t think it needs one, we’re a fork of Chromium and the web rendering isn’t changed.

User agents over time will be phased out, https://www.infoq.com/news/2020/03/chrome-phasing-user-agent/

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One of the things which prevents new browsers from getting their own user agent is that many sites incorrectly parse user agents, and either break or serve a degraded experience to the browsers they weren’t built for.

So it’s actually a complicated change to ship in practice. There are lots of corner cases and exceptions to handle, and the benefits are hard to quantify.

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If websites detected Brave through the User Agent, Brave would die immediately.
We are talking about a browser that even disguise its fingerprint.

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