What is the recommended way to change Brave Browser's user agent?

I know there are Chrome extensions that do this, but the most popular one on the store seems to be made by Google themselves lol. So I was wondering if there is a recommended extension for doing this? Alternatively, is there a way I can do this myself by going under-the-hood of Brave?

I know I can do it manually on a single tab, but is there a way to generalize this to the rest of Brave, so that I can change the user agent for every website, all the time?

Info about my set up (idk if it’s relevant): linux distro, vpn, uMatrix, privacy badger, cookie autodelete, webrtc network limiter, and of course Brave Browser’s built-in adblock as backup.

My motivation is that, based on various online tests, the biggest contributor to my (very unique) fingerprint is my user agent --though there are other aspects I’m currently working on as well.


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