WhatFont Extension passing ads in Brave Browser

Now I’m totally frustrated why this is happening. I’m seeing ads in the search results and this is hurting the overall experience. It is the second time I’m reporting this issue.

Just change to Aggressive mode in shields @globaldigitify

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It is already in Aggressive mode. Still sowing the same.

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How about in private window mode?

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No ads in private window mode. It is totally annoying. If I search any term then for a few seconds I see all the results including google my business profile but the moment it is loaded completely it disappears. Did uninstalled but not working.

Try disabling all extensions and then retest @globaldigitify

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It worked man, finally.


I disabled one by one and found this extension was the reason. Do you want link for this? It is called What font


Never used “WhatFont”. Maybe they’re inserting ads intentionally, if so remove.

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