How do i Permanently change user-agent? (Not developer tools)

So i know how to change user agent using developer tools but that is only for the current tab that is open. How do i change user agent permanently? firefox useragent can be changed using about:config, but how do i do it for brave? i don’t know anything about coding/programming so need steps. Thanks.

In the flags listing, I see a “Freeze User-Agent request header”. This is because I think they make it change a bit in order to limit fingerprinting. So to enable that, or set a static user-agent, it lowers privacy. I’m sure there’s something in the chrome extension store that should work for what you want though.

I don’t want to use extensions as they are easily detectable, i need to change it via the browser config. I have shields off because i want everything to seem natural so my useragent doesn’t seem to be changing at all. If you know any ways i can change user agent naturally without extensions, please let me know. Also - i don’t know about flags, how to access it or modify it?


If you use the developer tools technique, if you only use that one tab that you changed, it should stay that user agent you choose. So you can use that tab over and over for whatever, and the user-agent sticks.

If that’s not good enough, you could recompile the browser from the source or use an extension. Whatever you are trying to do might likely be able to be done some other way. Really wondering what your goal is needing a custom user-agent.

I need something other than developer tools, something that works for all tabs not just one. Without extensions since extensions are easily detected by even the lower end browser fingerprinters. Recompile the browser? i don’t know how to do this, i need a step by step guide or something please.

This is not the place for that. Go to
Scroll down to the ‘Install prerequisites’ for your OS. Start learning.

What a shi,t browser, can’t even change the useragent without taking so many steps and now you want me to “learn” a bunch of nonsense just to change the useragent string, terrible.

Use an extension then! My goodness. People don’t need to change their user-agent usually unless they are up to no good.

I clearly said extensions are no good and i do not want to use it, why would i bother making this thread if an extension was suitable for my needs? …

It really doesn’t make sense that extensions are no good. Why are you worried about the fingerprint and the user-agent? Maybe a canvas blocker will help fix the fingerprinting issues you don’t like. Seems like you should be in some blackhat forum for whatever you are doing.

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