What is the difference between Brave Talk and Jitsi Meet

I am looking at using Brave Talk for my business and wanted to know about any differences between Jitsi Meet and Brave Talk so that I can make an informed decision.


@dirkbj I’m not too familiar with Jitsi Meet but I can share some info below. Info below is a quote (to which I provide the link to the Reddit where it came from) and to Brave’s official announcement about Brave Talk. Beyond that, I’m going to tag @SaltyBanana and see if he might be able to provide more information about the differences between the two.

I would say convenience as it is directly integrated into browser, in browser widgets etc. As far as I know, brave talk can handle large loads of traffic. They also have google calendar extension to sync google calendar tasks with brave talk.

If you are talking about self-hosting Jitsi and using it for video conferencing for lets say 50 people at the same time, it might not be able to handle it.

Just try both and decide. Brave talk has 30 day return policy if you do not like brave talk.

As far the reviews I have seen, users like using brave talk.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I’m not referring to self-hosting Jitsi, but Jitsi Meet which is a similar service to Brave Talk.

All of the links you’ve provided are helpful, but so far, they seem pretty on parity. I do see the one significant advantage is Brave has stripped out all of the normal telemetry/instrumentation that Jitsi Meet has.

Would love to hear from @SaltyBanana to see if there are any other significant points.

Thanks, all.