Difference between Release and Pre-Release

What is the difference between the beta versions that are released and the ones that show Pre-release(at the end) as seen in the github repo of the Brave browser?
Do all the beta testers get the Pre-release version?

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TL:DR I don’t have an answer.

I posted my thought progressions below. May or may not be worthwhile reading. lol I mostly just posted to bump this. I would like to know this too. Hoping someone who actually uses/knows will provide an answer. :smiley:

Did you see this article on Github? It explains the difference between the different builds.
Release Channel Descriptions

I think Nightly, Dev, and Beta are called “pre-lease versions of Brave” because the Brave Privacy Policy returns you to the above article when you click the development documentation link.

Nightly, Dev, and Beta browser versions

Nightly, Dev, and Beta versions of the Brave Browser are experimental previews of new Brave Browser versions. They allow us to test new features so that we can find and fix errors before releasing a new version of the Brave Browser. These test versions of the Browser may automatically send crash reports to Brave so that we can identify and fix problems. A crash report can contain personal information. See data processing details.

These incomplete versions of Brave represent unfinished and untested work on future versions of Brave, and their incomplete behaviour may not be adequately described by this policy. More information about the safety & reliability of pre-release versions of Brave can be found in our development documentation.

Within each of the development browser versions on GitHub, the newer ones (they are gone from the older versions), also have image or image tags. I could not find specific information about these.

The Latest tag may relate to the version that will be downloaded with the installer? Whereas Pre-release means it has not reached that stage and even though you can download it, it may be even more unstable?


>BraveBrowserNightlySetup.exe and BraveBrowserNightlySetup32.exe will fetch and install the latest available version from our update servers.


Thanks for the response
Yes, I know the difference between the Nightly, dev and beta channels.
the specific question I had was who gets which version(irrespective of the channel) between the release and pre-release.

For example, I have the beta channel version of the brave browser, and when I go to Settings>About Brave I have version 1.37.80 which says Brave is up to date, but on going to the github page [https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases?page=2], the latest version of beta channel is 1.37.83 (which has a (Pre-release tag)[https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases?page=1], also remember there is usually no release tag for the beta channel, I am just calling it so to point out the difference. So, is it everybody who has the beta channel that gets the pre-release version(and does it get updated through Settings>About Brave?) or is it only a subset of people who receive it?, Or can it also be that you have to download it manually from the Github page?

The same case applies with the stable channel(the name that begins with Release), the latest version as per the browser is v 1.36.109 [https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases?page=2] but the latest version in he Github page is v 1.36.111[https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases?page=1], which has a Pre-release tag. So who gets this Pre-release version?

I don’t know and I couldn’t find any information about what those mean either. I think, but do not know, that when you get an update, you get the image version. If you want to get the image version, you have to download and install it separately as you said.

Since no one else has responded, you might try a DM to the moderators and ask. Might not get an answer but wouldn’t hurt!

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Again, thanks a lot.

I had the same thought on the Latest and Pre-release tags.

Very much appreciate your input.

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