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Use this category to discuss and provide feedback on the Brave Together feature, now available on Nightly builds.

Note that we are leveraging existing open source technology created by Jitsi. As such:

  • Please direct support requests for the video conferencing software itself should be directed to Jitsi directly.

  • However, if you’re having issues with the site itself (https://together.brave.com/) – such as receiving 404 errors, site not rendering properly, etc – please open a thread here on Community in this category so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Links for Jitsi product support:
Jitsi documentation (official website):

Jitsi Github:

Jtisi Community Forum:

We need virtual backgrounds for the Brave Together, also it’s not specified how many persons can join a meeting and how long meetings can last.

Is it really unlimited in terms of attendees, and meeting length?

I don’t know about the virtual background, but I tried it with Snap Camera and it worked pretty well. (here)

Even if in theory it works with an unlimited number of participants, I’ve yet to see a Jitsi meeting that does not lag with more than 15/20 video feeds - and even less sometimes … I would love to be wrong though.

It’s available only on Brave Browser, while Jitsi works all around the internet, Chromious, iOS and Android. Will that change?

I agree, I am using Brave, but I may be communicating with someone on Tor or another browser.
This seems ti just makes it more restrictive that the official Jitsi app, and all other community instances, which work with all modern browsers.

Will this be open-source’d in the future?
Currently your Jitsi fork repo (https://github.com/brave/jitsi-meet), does not contain any of the changes made by Brave. To me, this makes it harder to trust.

It also appears to have gotten a bit behind from the recent security fixes on Jitsi HEAD.

Brave together has been rebranded to brave talk. It supports all browser as jitsi, but the “moderator”, first user, must use brave browser.
Brave talk is provided by the 8x8, the commercial branch that backs jitsi. In the last year, jitsi did important improvements:

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The screen sharing quality is too bad that the other person has difficulty seeing the screen and reading it. Please fix this.

I signed up for Brave Talk Premium. It works as expected.
I received two $7 charges to my account on the same day from Brave for ‘Brave Premium’.
This happened in the end of December and I thought it was just a fluke.
It happened again at the end of January now too.
I don’t mind paying $7/mo for the premium.
I do mind paying for it twice.
How do I stop getting charged twice a month for one account?

I would like to use my own greenscreen and virtual background natively. (Isuppose I could use OBS but that is resource intensive).