What is Brave nightly?

I keep hearing about “Nightly”, wasn’t sure what it is but sounds like it’s a beta version, and lots of articles say features will be added only to Nightly (e.g. https://brave.com/privacy-updates/7-ephemeral-storage/). But then they don’t say if that feature is in the non Nightly version

I am trying to decide which version to use, appreciate any comments. thanks

Oh and PS - if i go to brave://flags i see them all set to “default”, shame that doesn’t say if that means enabled or disabled! Which is it?

Nightly are early versions with small increments of changes. They are available so that early users can test and provide feedback.

This is an opportunity to help Brave and have early access to new features. But have in mind that these are not stables versions, thus you may find out a lot of others issues that will not come in the final release.

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