What happen to Brave Publisher Payout

so Hello again for this month, i’ve been reading all same issue related to mine, NO payout since July,

So what happen with this program, every month i read and comment, @steeven said, don’t worry, DM me, payout is under process and voila, no further information and topic locked :blush:
i’m curious about this month too, i’m using Brave since the very first it’s on airdrop about August 2019 or later, until Now, and i am also verified publisher since then. every month got payment (before June) no cheating, no complaint so far(this is my second time writing about publisher payout)
Every month i receive notice “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later” and then after that (as usual) i saw the process point till it’s last step, generating, and booom. nothing happen, the balance still there, and payout seems to canceled.
Will it be same this month? is brave team are no longer honest to the publisher for thanking the person who help em growth by spreading the brave download link?

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Hi @Alfariky, if your account is active, please see Following up on Referral Program Closure for five countries.

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