What does it mean by version 1.0

Dear Sir
I received an email from you that Brave official V1.0 has been launched. When we are using already V1.5.1 from play store on my play store. Then what does it mean? And you also declared that more 8M BAT will be new grant. When and how may we claim this grant? And hpw should we share version 1.0 ? Please sir let me to be clear

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It refers to Brave for desktop, which is now hit v1.0.

More information about this can be read here https://brave.com/brave-launches-next-generation-browser/

Brave users on iOS and Android can claim a free grants (then use it to support creators).

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Hi @eljuno
When does the free token grant claim come ?

@Saifulpga token grants are limited and on a first come first claim and do not have fixed dates
keep an eye out for notification in the browser :hugs:

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