What about Chrome Manifest V3

Hello guys, what about the plans of Google Chrome to switch to Manifest V3 soon?

Manifest V3 contains specifications that browser extensions must meet. Two years ago, Google announced Manifest V3. One of the changes in the new manifest concerns the phasing out of the webRequest API. Adblockers use this API to intercept, block, forward and modify incoming and outgoing browser traffic.

Google has proposed a new API called declarativeNetRequest (DNR) in place of this API. It limits the possibilities of ad blockers by limiting the number of rules as well as the number of available filters and actions of an extension. Yesterday, ad blocker Adblock Plus announced that it will be forced to release a limited ad blocker due to Manifest V3.

Google will move to Manifest V3 in Chrome in the middle of next year. Mozilla says it will continue to support extensions based on Manifest V2 at least until the end of 2023. Eventually, Mozilla will also phase out Manifest V2 in Firefox, so current extensions will no longer work. However, the Firefox developer has decided to continue supporting the webRequest API in Manifest V3, as well as a compatible version of DNR. According to Mozilla, the webRequest API offers more flexibility than DNR, which adblockers and other privacy and security extensions can use creatively.

Sinds Brave is mostly based on Chrome what happens whit Brave when Manifest V3 is getting active?

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It has been discussed in this forum multiple times :slight_smile:


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