Website is timing out, but no 404 Error, how do I extend timeout settings or make infinite?

Thanks, I could not find an answer on either Qwant or Google, only for Firefox.

Could you check whether that website is timing out when you open it in a private window with all extensions disabled (if you have allowed any extensions in private window)?

There is no “Open Private Tab” option showing either when right clicking on an existing tab or opening a new window. I guess the gremlins ate it. :wink:

Click on the menu at the top-right corner → New Private Window. Alternatively, you could use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N.

Still same thing with no extensions installed, ERR-CONNECTION-TIMED-OUT.

Do you mind sharing that website’s address so I can take a look whether the issue is reproducible on my end as well? It’s not showing 404, so there’s a “POSSIBILITY” it can still be accessed, but I’ve tried it on Brave Nightly on Windows (both public and private mode), Firefox Developer Edition (least strict security settings), Microsoft Edge, And Brave Beta On Android, ALL SAME TimeOut Error. :slight_smile:

The issue appears to be on their end. I can’t access the website either. Tested using a clean user profile (no extensions and no browsing data), also made sure Brave Shields isn’t blocking the access by completely disabling Brave Shields.

Okay, it’s strange how it doesn’t give a 404 error. I’ll check back later, maybe, but for now that’s it. Thanks for your prompt and very speedy and efficient replies! Over under around or through, whatever it takes WE’LL DO, BECAUSE WE ARE ACTION-TAKERS/DO-ERS. Love Self, Love Others, Love Self, Love Others, Love Self Love Others. And so it is us. :slight_smile:

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The website below confirms that the website is currently down for everyone.

I’ll check it every know and then, you know. :wink: Hopefully it will come back online again, no big loss because I have free 30-day unlimited trial for free Audiobooks and free E-Books on

Thanks for your help! Brave is the best browser out there hands down.

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Also great, I can check other sites with issues using the syntax ! So thanks!

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