Website comment tracking feature fails in iOS Brave

Sorry for the effort involved in reproducing this.

On the website, clicking on the bell icon at the top of the comments produces a list of reactions to comments you have made. Clicking on one of these reactions launches a window with that article, followed by a superimposed pane showing the particular comment or response selected.

This feature fails on iOS Brave – the click disappears the list of reactions but does nothing further. On the macOS Brave it works fine.

On any browser version that works, an example of a link that is generated is:

When pasted directly into the URL field of iOS Brave, that URL works just fine. The problem seems to be that whatever (JavaScript?) mechanism loads that URL from the reaction list pane to the URL field is not working on iOS Brave.

The misbehavior seems to have been fixed or evaporated. The feature works reliably now.

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