Web links that redirect to apps open incorrectly

As of update 1.35.1 when I’m browsing on mobile (iPhone) regardless of normal or private mode, when I try to open a link that is supposed to redirect to an application, like a Reddit or discord link, it takes you to the AppStore rather than the app itself. I have to open links in a different browser for it to redirect properly. Makes it really tough to use this browser as nice as it is.

  1. Go to a website that redirects to an app, such as Reddit or finding an invite link for a discord server
  2. Click on said link
  3. Redirects you to App Store rather than the app installed on the iPhone

It’s supposed to open the app, not AppStore.

Using other web browsers to open these links such as safari redirect to the app properly.

**Brave Version(1.35.1)

iPhone 13 iOS 15.2

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