We Need more wallpaper rotation

why there are only 4 to 5 wallpapers ? refresh more wallpapers along with your ads…

i want to see something new set of wallpapers updated for every 3 days

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Yeeeeeeeeeees please

im almost certain that brave backgrounds has not been updated for last 8 months or so…

so please think about updating 100 to 200 backgrounds before older operating system runs out of updates… currently there are only like 8 or 9 background which shows how little brave cares about new tab and focusing on adding ads…i have not enabled brave rewards but still enabled sponsored ads on new tab page to support you… so if you also want to give something to the users back, consider updating brave backgrounds

i want landscapes of Iceland, New Zealand, dubai, Scotland, Singapore, japan, Canada, Korea, Kenya, LA, cherry trees, Autumn forest, dark roads, foggy mountains, rockets…etc

please leave a smile on face…i hope not to see a long list of changelog where 99.5% deals with brave wallet… Please beautify the ui as much as you can before Jan 10, 2023 arrives.

True, these 5 photos have been there for about a year. At least get some new 5 images. Or better get new 50-100 images, it would not be even that costly if bought in bulk. As brave also does attribution back to the creator, the creator may even give the images for free for extra publicity.

Currently you use custom images, and about 24 of them. So, download some cool looking photos from unsplash (the same service brave uses for these 5 photos).

24 is better than 5.

Check my playlist if you want to understand why we need more pictures rotation


This above playlist has got most of the beauty stuff… usually, i use to check for new videos to add for my playlist on 15th of every month

with these filters applied

i mostly use youtube only for discovering this type of videos… dont really it use for music, trending, shorts or anything else… i might check it if i have time but dont have fomo have with it…

the videos which i have in playlist are essential so just caring for it little bit higher… with the yt introduction of shorts, its getting harder to discover as these videos are pushing behind, wish brave has the ability to hide yt shorts from search results.

i used to check picture based sites earlier but since videos like these are being made, i stopped the habit of checking for new pictures as keeping up to date with both will end up consuming so much time…

This is why i want brave backgrounds to be helpful in showing pictures more often…i have seen many pictures but they are not good as the ones which i saw in these videos…

see here

these are of low quality as it is screenshots, watch in 4k

Brave can screenshot and link back to this video with exact timestamp of screenshots…

For the last pic

this should be hyperlink