Wallet gets disconnected automatically from desktop

Hello people, my Gemini got disconnected automatically from Brave desktop and now I’m not able to reconnect it because of Region not supported issue

what I should do next ?

@Saoiray @steeven @Mattches @sasunaru


Nothing you can do but wait for region to be able to connect again. I’m not sure which region you’re in but you’ll see a lot of answers to things discussed by everyone in the topics below:

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I’m from India, when will restrictions be removed?

and also tell me that if my wallet is disconnected then where my BAT will go it will be stored locally or what will happen because I have a similar issue I’m past
last month I haven’t received my BAT even if my Uphold account is disconnected its just disappeared


Like it says in those, especially if you check out the Updates From Brave Call one…nobody knows.

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