VPN Cancellation and Refund


I am being charged $9.99 per month for VPN service. I do not use this service and never intended to sign up. I am trying to cancel and get a refund. How do I do this?

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I saw some former post say to cancel subscription within the Google Play Store but no subscriptions are showing in my Google Play Store.

You have to cancel the same way you signed up.,

If activated on Android or iOS it would be on the their app stores.

If activated on Desktop, it would be through account.brave,com

@1247 sending you a DM now.

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Hi I Have the same problem can you help me with refund. I subscribed to free trial and forgot and today I got charged with 9.99$. can you help me with refund


I want to get a refund for the VPN. Who do I need to contact for this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I forgot to turn off the VPN account billing feature so 9.9 USD was deducted. I wanted a refund so I sent an email to Brave but have not received a reply.

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