How do I cancel my Brave VPN and request refund

I subscribed to the brave VPN a few months back and used it when I needed it. The VPN works great and is super convenient but I started a protonmail account for some of the email features and the 500g cloud drive and it also came with a vpn. To be honest I forgot I had the brave one until I looked at my bank account and was missing money this morning. It’s only $10 and normally I would just let it ride just to have a backup but as a full time single father of 2 boys that is living through this wildly inflated economy, money is super tight right now. I tried to find a contact button to get in touch with brave and was sent here. I appreciate any help. Thx

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Thank you for reaching out.
You can both cancel your subscription and request a refund from the Subscriptions section of the Google Play store.

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