Very Big Blogger Comment Bug on Brave

hey guys, i’m a big fan of brave browser but brave have a very big bug on blogger pc version. this is my book blogs, simple template and simple drawings etc.

when trying a send comment, maybe because trackers blockers etc i don’t know but it’s fail… when trying a send any comment, example here

don’t working on brave browser. i test myself on firefox/chrome/opera and vivaldi with adblock, comments sending fine, didnt see any problem but on brave browser can’t send any comment on my blog. i try on different persons blogs too, same bug. comment’s can’t send/publish on with brave browser.
i have no idea why. if anyone want, i can send my blogger template codes but this bug not for just me, almost for everyone blogger comments doesn’t work on brave browser. can’t send any comment on brave. after click a yayınla (turkish, on english probably publish) brave doing refresh page (idk why) and comment’s never go. i check on admin panel too, nothing, not spam, just empty.

after fix this, i ll move completly brave.

please, fix this guys. i hate mainstream! i wanna just stable brave browser + duckduckgo and i’m blogger, i really need this.

and i know this is a cliche, sorry for my bad english.

Thanks for reaching out!
You are correct – Brave’s Shields are blocking cross-site tracking here which I believe is causing the error you see. However, if you simply allow cross-site trackers for your site, or turn Shields down entirely for your site, you (or other users) should be able to leave comments without issue. I just left you one myself :slight_smile:

Okay, Will investigate a fix. Thanks for the report.

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