Verification Process of third party wallets issue

I have been using Brave Browser for a few days & connecting to these third party wallets is a huge mess.

  1. Firstly I tried to connect/ verify with Gemini but still the verification is not done , its been more than 10 days I guess

  2. Secondly I tried the above process with uphold and they verified my & then revoked my account without any reason.

I would like to say that please make this process for connecting & verification from your end otherwise it will force us to stop using Brave as a Browser . I believe in your product & that’s why using this with the hope that you will consider my problem & take some actions on it. Moreover I have been using other apps as well where my verification was smooth. Moreover, taking users identity & then not responding to them is some series issues that these third party wallets are causing.


My issue is still not resolved

I have the same problem.

Are you connecting brave wallet with brave token in future?

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Hi @AkashKumar thanks for commenting & making this post visible to more people, if such things continue to happen in future & this issue is not resolved withing a 2-4 weeks I guess I am left with no other option to not use Brave Browser .

I was very excited about this crypto project but these wallet companies are just ruining the experience. Its now even more than a month & verification is still not done.

Moreover I would like more people to engage on this issue because I guess I & @AkashKumar are not the only one facing this, if any other person who is facing the same issue please engage on it so that we could make it more loud to the concerned team.


Hey. Uphold and Gemini are not related to Brave, they are just their payment processor. If you got problems using their system, you should contact their support.

Its been a month they are not replying, moreover in one or the other way they are related to Brave as Brave has integrated with them so incase if that is hampering braves customer count then I see that as a serious issue for Brave.

@SaltyBanana Can you Please help ?

Still Gemini Wallet connecting with brave is not solved !!!


Gemini? Try it again now. It was resolved a few hours ago.

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Yes Now its resolved I think the patch must have been in processing in my location at that time

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