Hello Everyone

in my humble opinion it would be better that to create a page (let us call it feature request manager) that has a form that category the feature the user want to request and there be like autocomplete option onto it that search if someone else already request it and if it exist then it can give the user a link to that request so he/she vote for it

as there already many request exist for many feature

then there will be a fixed post on the top of the home page here that has all the feature request that people can vote (to decrease the load we can just start to build that post starting from now on of course while keep the old posts)

for example

this post say

user request for 1 million dollar as gift :point_left: this be as link to that post that user create with the full details of it then people vote for it

this link also has a little number next to it show how many user vote for it

now for how this post is created it created automatically when the user feature request manager and did not find that anyone requested about his/her feature before

this page create a post and let the user fill it with whatever in his mind

that would help the team and the user to see all the request in one single page

and have a nice day everyone

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