Uphold error "error: region currently not supported" Mexico

Do I need to worry about my rewards lost this month and the next one or did I miss some update today about it? Uphold Mexico doesn’t admited in the list of Brave reward anymore?

Necesito preocuparme de este mes con mis recompensas y el siguiente o me perdí de alguna novedad hoy? Uphold en México ya no esta en la lista admitida de Brave Rewards?

No. You wont lose your BATs. They will arrive in your rewards wallet and you won’t be able to transfer out of the browser.

You will still be participating in Rewards and earning BATs, youonly won’t be able to withdraw out of Brave and cash them

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Oh I see, so Mexico are no longer supported country to Brave by using Uphold, rhank you.

Glad that I could be of help !

Serbia is now blocked too. Until now worked great.
So what to use instead uphoald?
How can we transfer our BAT or sell them??
I hope that Brave have solution otherwise what is the point of participating in brave reward system?

Since Serbia isn’t on the list of supported countries for verification, there’s nothing much you can do at this point.

Gemini support Serbia either and BitFlyer is JApan only so there’s nothing you can connect to. You will be unverified till Brave supports Serbia again and you connect then.

Umm, since you can’t connect to Custodial wallet, therefore those BATs can’t be sold or transferred out of the browser. You can use them to tip verified creators.

Umm. Well, you will still be earning BATs. Also if you can’t cash them out directly, you’ll be able to cash them indirectly soon. Brave is working on getting a BAT store up where you pay by BAT for products. Also the main reason to create BAT was so that we can use them to tip Creators. Most of us just use them to cash them and earn some cash.

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no esta activo las propinas a canales de youtube ??? en México

I also want to note that in the case of Serbia, Uphold does not support accounts in Serbia at all anymore: https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026786712-Non-Supported-Jurisdictions @SmartyAadi

Thanks for the info!

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