Uphold deja de prestar servicio en venezuela / Uphold stops providing service in Venezuela

How to solve the problem in Venezuela, Uphold will stop providing service in Venezuela.
Yo no se podra recibir los pagos de brave en uphold desde venezuela ya que dejara de prestar servicio me pregunto como podremos solucionar este problema y aque el otro metodo era usar el exchange gemenis pero aun no esta permitida crear cuenta en dicho pais

I will not be able to receive brave payments in uphold from venezuela since it will stop providing service I wonder how we can solve this problem and that the other method was to use the gemenis exchange but it is not yet allowed to create an account in that country


May interest: Venezuela Exit:

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it does not say anything relevant to be able to solve something, since uphold and gemenis are the only exchange to collect rewards in brave

@kelvin2k Can you please try to check out my topic over at PSA: Venezuela no longer supported by Uphold (or Gemini)

We’ve had a lot of discussion there in both English and Spanish. Hopefully it kind of answers you.

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