Is there any other wallet available for Venezuelan users?

Hi! I live in Venezuela, and I have been managing my rewards through the Uphold wallet. However, as of last month, Uphold ceased operations in my country. As a result, I can no longer redirect my rewards there. On the other hand, the other wallet available is Gemini, which is also not available in Venezuela. As well as Bitflyer which is exclusive for Americans. So, I would like to know what other option I have to receive my rewards. I am currently using Brave in version 1.40.113 in a Windows environment. As I mentioned, my wallet is verified through Uphold. The verification was done in May 2022. In addition, I have successfully received rewards in the past. What I want to know is if there is any other wallet available for Venezuelan users.



Suggestion. Change your topic title to:

Is there any other wallet available for Venezuelan users?

OR emphasize that, in your Original Post.

Not at this time.

Btw, check out conversation we’ve had on that already on my Topic at PSA: Venezuela no longer supported by Uphold (or Gemini)

Not true, it’s Japan only.

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