Uphold can't continue to offer me an account

Hello! My name is Riddhesh Khismatrao.

I installed brave application as my friend recommended me and told me about BAT(Basic Attention Token) feature. I then tried to verify my wallet and it needed a uphold verified account, So I went over to uphold, registered, verified correctly with every real proof of mine like Government ID, My Details, Selfie and waited, They put my account into review for a month! After a month I tried contacting them and after hours their reply came and they decided to not offer me an account! I then asked what problems I had in my profile also tried mailing them alot of times they were just saying that they couldn’t offer me an account, So what should I do to transfer my BAT (Basic Attention Token) into bank or any other application so I can use them. Please help me and reply to this as soon as possible. Thank you.

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