Uphold "Can No Longer Offer You An Account"

I’ve been using Brave for over two months to figure out where else to store my BAT due to a lack of communication from Uphold, regarding the crypto I earned and trying to getting verified.

Today, after two months of NOTHING (literal radio silence, zero emails, from 2/13/21 to 4/14/21), Uphold emails me saying “We Can No Longer Offer You An Account”

I’ll be honest; I can trade and store BAT in multiple ways. I also have multiple browsers that I can use. I’m disappointed with Uphold more than anything. It’s a few bucks USD, sure, but it’s still money I earned, which I take seriously.

What are my options? Is it possible for Brave to switch from Uphold to other crypto platforms, like Coinbase or Kraken? Any insight helps, TIA

Brave does not seem to support other platforms. There are many discussions and disproval about this topic, and you can join in if you wish.

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