[UPDATE] hot-fix for Release Channel from 0.62.50 --> 0.62.51

Where to download:

Brave Desktop:

Brave Mobile:


Version was bumped to v0.62.51 to include chromium update(#4031)

Notable fixes and additions

  • Widevine support for Linux.(#413) :tada:
  • Default theme should be dark or light depending on OS preference.(#1189)
  • MacOS system UI appearance within Brave should match Brave theme color.(#1289)
  • Can’t open rewards settings - “Wallet creation failed” error.(#2997)
    Full Release Notes:
  • Linux command line help needs updating for brave specific details .(#392)
  • Http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ automatically added to sources.list.(#1084)
  • “chrome://” still being displayed when editing URL bar.(#1616)
  • Cannot disable Shield if the URL host contains port.(#1896)
  • For blocked URLs, we should do 200 status code instead of redirects.(#2554)
  • ‘Backup Wallet’ Should Link to Backup Page.(#2739)
  • Crash when trying to open brave://sync in private window.(#2852)
  • Different behavior of loading brave://settings and chrome://settings in private window.(#2853)
  • Fix users in a bad state due to 2962.(#3046)
  • Monthly Tips not displayed in Rewards Summary when accessed from BAT logo.(#3177)
  • Change table remove icons from X to trash in Rewards.(#3178)
  • Bookmarks order changes under same folder doesn’t work.(#3216)
  • Try again wallet creation is not working.(#3440)
  • Add options for controlling how blocking is done at a high level.(#3489)
  • Sync: Deleted events are not synced well.(#3515)
  • Publisher list should go into retries.(#3639)
  • Insufficient funds notification and unable to contribute when wallet has more than enough BAT - follow up to 3212.(#3640)
  • Download toolbar not getting notified of color theme change.(#3708)
  • Do not add internal pages in NTP top sites.(#3710)