Unknown UDP connection via Brave Helper

I have Little Snitch installed on my Mac and I keep getting the following alert:

Incoming connections via Brave Browser Helper from to port 54150

If this is an authentic Brave connection, obviously, I want to allow it but when I did a WHOIS on the IP address, it said it belonged to Google which makes me a bit suspicious.

Can anybody shed any light on what this is about?

Hello @okulo

not sure if happen when you search on the address bar while you choose google as default serach engine

and have a ncie day

I actually have Bing set as my default search engine but sometimes use a search shortcut to use Google if required.

do you enable


Use Google Services for Push Messaging

if yes then try to disable it and see if you still get the same udp

No, it’s off.

(I have to add these additional words to be allowed to reply!)

@Mattches could you help us here

and have a nice day both of you

Can you please share a screenshot of the connection you’re seeing in little snitch?

Until it happens again, I can’t share the actual Little Snitch alert but here is a shot of the log of blocking suggestions.

Well, it has happened a couple of times but each time I just get a Mac banner notification which says:

Incoming Connection Denied
For Brave Browser

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