Opening Brave suddenly causes a connection attempt to Google... why?

Issue detected through Little Snitch. Denying connection has no apparent impact on Brave function.

The issue just started today (27 Mar 2023) and has not at all occurred previously. This bothers me since I’ve made no recent updates to Brave nor Mac OS.

It also bothers me because I do not want connections made to Google, FB, etc unless I absolutely need them, know WHY the connection is needed and can shut the connection down after its needed. I do not like there being an unexplained connection to Google opened at the beginning of a browser session that will remain for the entire session.

This issue does not arise when I open Safari; only when I open Brave.

I only have Privacy Badger extension installed and have had this extension installed for weeks.

Mac OS version Ventura 13.2.1
Brave version v1.49.128 (Mar 22, 2023)

Any explanations for this recent Brave behavior would be greatly appreciated. I am new to Brave, new to this forum, and have been pleased with Brave becoming my “go to” browser so far… except for this.

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