Uniswap transfer to Brave Crypto Wallets lost in space?

Hello all.


Uniswap transfer, Brave extension Crypto Wallets Dapp extension selected, may have had MetaMask connected (also?), transaction completed: Etherscan had the Brave Crypto Wallet address in Etherscan listed, but when ‘Add custom token’ nothing in balance.
I made a different token purchase without changing settings, and that came through OK.
Went back to the original token and purchased a smaller amount, but the same thing happened as with the first purchase: nothing came into Brave Crypto Wallets. Newbie, what am I doing wrong, if anything?

Is this a Uniswap to MetaMask to Crypto Wallets connection issue? Transfer address from Uniswap was the Crypto Wallets address.

I don’t mind losing the money/tokens, but if I’ve not learned from this, it’s going to happen again, or I stop entirely. Any help welcome.

Windows 10

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I got similar issues today. no funds lost, but brave crypto extenion is not working wel with Uniswap. I guess I need to install metamask again

I’ve done that a few times now, and on multiple browsers and computers. Nothing.

There is some Italian bloke out there who offers some assistance, but it’s likely a Trojan so be aware. I clicked a link, it remains to be seen what will happen.

After a quick look, this token no-show seems to have been a common issue for years, but always seems to be unresolved. The two coins I bought/swapped were market low-cap new entrants.

Online guides show procedure on platforms that do not have the same options, and sign-off assuming problem resolved, without considering that it very much isn’t resolved.

Somewhat dispiriting…all this intelligence in the field and and inadequate answers and guides.

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