Uninstalled and reinstalled. All my rewards are gone

Uninstalled and reinstalled. All my rewards are gone.
I can’t do that?
Why there is no login for brave browser?

same problem what i did is i back up first my recovery key and reinstall it after than i verify my uphold account then i use to tried to restore many time buy it up pop 0 bat but i have alread 20+ bat that time they didn’t fix it till now.

@crytoearn backup key is no longer recover your BAT.

@hanuman411 If you both want to keep the BAT, please consider connecting Uphold account. Common Rewards Issues (Work in Progress)

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that time my uphold account is already verified whenever i tried to verify or connect my uphold account to the brave browser it does not work or shows wallet verified. so i tried to reinstall and keep the recovery key

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