Unauthorized payment to Brave Software

Hi everyone, this morning I received an email from Uphold informing me that I had made a payment of 1 BAT to brave software. I have neither made nor authorized any payments.
They should be good at paying me, not me paying them.
Even though I have 3 devices, I’m struggling to get to 1 BAT per month, so around 12 BAT per year ≈2,4€ per year, currently 1BAT ≈ €0.20. On Uphold you can only withdraw funds when you reach €10. This means that I have to wait 4 years and 2 month to collect my brave rewards (Unless BAT says goodbye even more)
Maybe it no longer makes sense to use brave rewards? Is it time to change something?

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This amount is the default Auto Contribute amount.

Auto-Contribute is on by default when you enable Rewards. If you didn’t go in there and turn it off, then it would take.


If any of your profiles that are connected to your Uphold has this enabled, then it will withdraw.

Sounds like you need to adjust your settings. Either that or you never use Brave.

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