Unable to save images from Internet

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Right click on an image, Save Image As… does not work. In iCloud, I do the same and also tried clicking the download image icon after selecting the images and Brave browser would not download. I tried the same thing on Chrome and it works fine.

Expected result:
It should download the image.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.67.119 Chromium: 126.0.6478.114 (Official Build) (arm64)

Additional Information:
On a MacBook Pro with version Sonoma 14.5 (23F79)

What happens when you click Save Image As...? Are there any errors? Does anything appear in the Downloads pane/page? Can you share an example page where you cannot download an image so I can test on my end?

No errors, nothing happens. I can’t upload the video I shot of this issue. I got this popup.

This is what I was trying to download an image and nothing happens after clicking on “Save Image As…”.

Can you please go to Settings --> More tools --> Open guest profile and test to see if you are able to download images using the Guest profile?

Nope, not working either.

I’m wondering if this is a permissions issue between Brave and your system. Can you go to Settings --> Privacy/Security and make sure Brave has been granted access to Files and folders?

I don’t see “Files and folders” under Privacy/Security.

Should be fairly easy to find in the list that appears after clicking on Privacy & Security

Brave browser does not show up in the File and Folders list.

Can you please add it, relaunch the browser, then test again and see if you’re able to download files?