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I had brave on my computer, Windows 7, but I removed it and want to reinstall it. But every time I try to install it I get either error 0x8004070c, or the message “there is no update available” (in dutch, why, windows is in English). Googling this gives a hint to disable virusscanner, that does not make a difference.
Also weird is that in the process of downloading the installer I received three different files on different occasions: BraveBrowserSetup.exe, BraveBrowserSetup-BRV030.exe and BraveBrowserSetup-OST765.exe. They all appear to be the same.

But why won’t Brave install?

Hi MaartenD. I looked up the status of Brave support for Windows 7 and it seems unforunately Google has dropped Chromium support for Windows 7 (Chromium is the browser upon which Brave is built on) since January 23, 2023. I also found this link to a similar question by another user on this forum:

I would highly suggest updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or 11, as Windows 7 is extremely insecure as an OS, and any browsers that work on Windows 7 are equally insecure due to being out of software support.

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A bit odd that there is only this cryptic message. Brave was working fine before I uninstalled it, so it should be able to install again. If it really is this issue, why does the Brave team not put in a proper message saying why it will not install. Again, if it is this issue, they know about it.

I downloaded that link, the installer is a different size, but it still either gives the error 0x8004070c, or the message “there is no update available” .

The error code 0x8004070c is described here for Google Chrome https://www.thewindowsclub.com/chrome-installation-failed-error-code-0x8004070c

Since Brave is built on top of Google Chrome the directions should follow a similar method.

However since we are dealing with Brave (not Google Chrome) in order to delete those residual files you would need to follow special instructions.

Though you might want to make a back up of your History and Bookmarks and Preferences file.

Directions To make a Back Up Of Bookmarks/History/Preferences:

To do this open File Explorer and type into the directory bar:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default
Locate three files in this folder named:


Copy these files to a safe destination for backup later.
If you have Brave Wallet data you want to keep, copy the folder called “BraveWallet” (found in the same directory as the other files) to a safe location as well.

To delete old residual brave files

Once you are done backing up those files, navigate to the %LOCALAPPDATA%
directory (found by typing into the directory bar in File Explorer):
Locate the “BraveSoftware” folder and delete it by right clicking and hitting the delete option.

Then try following the instructions in the previous link to install the old version of Brave.

Let me know if that works

I highly recommend either to update your PC to Windows 10/11 or use a different browser than an old Chromium based build as there are a number of SEVERE security vulnerabilities in older Chromium builds, vulnerabilities that if exploited could possibly compromise your entire computer.

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No, that did not help. I still only get the messages “there is no update available” or error 0x8004070c.

Have you tried clearing out old installation remnants? Running installer as admin might help. Multiple filenames are odd, but should be safe if from a trusted source.

@MaartenD@khanhnguyen29 brings up a good point. The language used in the error makes it seem like the browser is trying to update an existing version rather than install a new one.

Please check your system for any Brave remnants that may be present on your system to ensure that there is no lingering install. Further, just to make sure you’re using the right file, you’ll want to download version 1.46.134 from our Github here:

(assuming you’re not using a 32bit system)

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